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Since 1976, Mr. Shuford has represented many plaintiffs in major legal malpractice cases against both Texas and out-of-state law firms. He began practicing law in 1970 and worked for two large law firms doing business transactions and business litigation. In 1976, he started his own law firm. Because of his varied business and litigation experience, Mr. Shuford has been able to represent corporate and individual clients in cases in which they were damaged by legal malpractice in business transactions, as well as negligence in the preparation and trial of cases. He has focused his practice in legal, accounting, and other professional malpractice cases. He now concentrates in major plaintiffs' cases in these areas, as well as business litigation.

His cases have been against major law firms in Texas and out of state. His personal attention to the investigation and preparation of the case, as well as trying the case to a jury, are trademarks of his practice. Mr. Shuford has prosecuted cases to settlement and trial against major defense law firms.

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