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I am honored to serve this district in the thoughtful, independent tradition of those who represented us in the past – leaders who distinguished themselves through their commitment to public service.

When you sent me to Washington, I had no idea of the historic times ahead. As
one of the few veterans serving in Congress today, I was proud to be named one of 28 emerging leaders in Congress for my military and intelligence experience.

We face many challenges both abroad and here at home; fighting the war on terror, curbing federal spending to control a growing deficit, encouraging economic development, protecting our environment, reducing traffic gridlock, assuring our children attend safe, drug-free schools,
and jobs, jobs, jobs.

Thank you for the honor of representing you in the Congress. With your vote, I will continue to fight for our Tenth District families in Washington.

Two US Lawmakers Propose Gasoline Embargo on Iran
Two members of Congress say the United States needs to take stronger steps, along with European allies, to pressure Iran to stop its suspected nuclear weapons program.
Helping soldiers telephone home on Father's Day
At least 1,000 Illinois National Guard soldiers in Iraq will get to make a free telephone call home on Father's Day thanks to a local initiative.
An honor for black WWII
When Frank Sublett was a Naval officer during World War II, he didn't know he also was a pioneer
1st black Navy brass honored for service
Frank Sublett fought a war abroad and racism at home, but as one of the first African-Americans to serve as a U.S. naval officer...
First African-American Naval Officers Honored
The suburbs will be the site of a new war memorial that pays tribute to African Americans...

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